Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mark gets the Horn of Plenty !! Derek and Clive would have loved it......

 The illusive trumpet of death only named so because of their colour, are wonderfully flavoured earthy mushroom and a rare find .
 Also here is the Amethyst Deciever, a deep purple -lilac colour it is common and grows in small troops . The white ball shape is a common puffball , most puffball are edible but you have to identify them 100 % correctly or you could end up in serious ill health .

 Wild rocket, this tastes like the real thing , very peppery and a little bitter, you need patience to pick this little fella but once you start to get accustomed to seeing it you can find a lot.
  We found a lovely crop of perfect watercress close to 3 Kilo

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